Royal Rolex van de Donauhoeve


1 (A) = free

von Willebrand vWD type N/n = carrier,
Dilute: D/D = homozygot
DCM examination, colorultrasound, 24h ECG = DCM free

Isa has got fellowship and is overjoyed about our growth. We wanted again a beautiful Doberman with a perfect character and high working-dog attributes.
Rolex comes from a thoughtful connection.
His ancestors fulfill the mentioned conditions in a very high measure.


result and description of cardiac (DCM) examination from 2020

The social nature in the private life and the above-average working temperament of his parents, their siblings, relatives and other ancestors has left us with a very positive impression. They conveyed the image of aesthetic working dogs with strong, self-confident character with above-average working- and performance capabilities. Therefore, we have decided with conviction for this dog and are happy that we were allowed to get him.

Royal Rolex and his parents - october 2018

He already delights our heart and and has even exceeded our expectations. With conviction we can say that he has inherited only the positive qualities of his ancestors. This applies both to his character, as well as to his outer appearance and willingness to work. He's never in a bad mood or lethargic, both at home and at work. But on the contrary.
His rudeness, which he showed at 8 months, is a challenge. In the meantime 2 years old, it can often be called "brazen". He likes to be in the foreground all the time. His cheeky, cheeky manner, his penchant for dominant behavior with which he demands will require consistent leadership.
In other words: Armin is the only one who can handle him!
But there is also his other side: totally in love and cuddly, which is why he demands his pats here again.
Simply a UNIQUE, very special and great dog!