Isabeaux von der Zonser Heide

IGP 3            ZTP V 1 A           V 1, CAC res.

1 (A) = free

von Willebrand vWD type N/N = clear,
Dilute: D/d = heterozygot

After Macho died too early, another dog should come to us. Due to the good experiences with Basko and Ayla now again a bitch.
Because Index has always proven his above-average heredity in all the different bloodlines, of course, a daughter of him.


Isabeaux's mother really impressed us because of her open, friendly nature, coupled with high drives.

After a brown male (Basko), a black female (Ayla) and a black male (Index), a brown bitch now fitted perfectly to complete the whole ensemble.

Isabeaux already captivates us by her nature, her perception and her sociability. She became a dream dog: In the house totally cuddly and at work very impulsive, but learning very quick.

In may 2019 she could show her talent when she passed her breeding test (look at "breeding suitability").

And in july and september 2019 she reached 1st places at shows (see below).

In an unprecedented record time, we have been able to take the corresponding working-dog-tests with her (look at "sporting activities"). Let's see what time will bring . . .

show results:



CAC Dortmund


V 1

N. Daube



CAC Essen


V 1, CAC res.

T. Becht