Royal Rolex has passed his breeding suitability test with excellent results !
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Royal Rolex has passed his IGP 2   -   report & pictures on his site !

Judith had get her first dog in 2001. The male Dobermann Basko. Shortly thereafter she began his training. She had found so much pleasure in the sport with dogs of this breed, that two years later the female Ayla came to her. When both dogs had passed their examinations, Judith wanted to breed with these dogs.

So she let protect in 2005 by the Dobermannverein the kennelname
"vom Naafbachtal" and bred a year later with these dogs her first litter. But because of several facts there is further no other litter planned.

When we met us a short time later the training with Basko and Ayla should be changed and deppenend.

In 2007 and 2008 she participate with their dogs at the German Championships of the Doberman Club.

After that she trained together with Armin her Index vom Hellerwald and performed him on some trials.

She have had a significant part of Macho's training and had handled him on some examinations.

Now she's training with Isabeaux, a daughter from her beloved Index and has already passed the IGP 3 with her.
She also is training and handling our young male Royal Rolex and has already passed with him the companion-dog-test with him.

Since 42 years Armin concern with the training of dogs.
Until today he works with dogs of various races, and almost all he has presented today at more than 170 trials. Among them are 32 federal and 6 world championships. He celebrated the greatest success in 1999 with his Malinois Clip vom Roten Falken". As the first German he had the luck to win the FMBB World Championship title.
He's also still working as a protection helper. Here were not only breed surveys of the DMC on the program, he also figured on top-class championships in Germany and foreign countries.
Due to several incidents in recent years, however, he see some things very critical and he's very disappointed about some people. But some character can never change unfortunately. These circumstances can only be encountered with the truth. Therefore you have make decisions in your life and he has drawn his own conclusions.
From some things he has therefore adopted and completely turned him away.
He always liked the Doberman. He knows this race (as helper or trainer) since the beginning of his dogsportcarreer and concerned with them consistently. When Judith's Index vom Hellerwald came and the last Malinois went, then the choice was not difficult.

Success was coming soon: In 2013 Armin became with Index state champion and also German workingchampion of the Dobermann Verein. And in 2014 they became Vice-Winner at the German Championships. In 2014 and 2015 they became Team Winner at the IDC world championships.Also in 2015 he has reached with Index the 3rd place at the German Championships. In 2016 he reached again the 4th place at the IDC worlchampionships and became Vice Team Winner at the IDC world championships.
At the same time Armin handled in 2015 and 2016 his Macho vom Hellerwald at the German workingchampionships of the Dobermann Verein. In 2016 they reached the 5th place.

Thus, Armin has presented three different breeds on German championships and became with two of them working champion.

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