activities as protection helper

Armin started to do the work as a helper when he was 16 years old.
At the age of 17 years, he acquired the "Helfersportpass".

On the first competition, Armin was used together with another helper. Here 20 dog participated, whole 9 could existed.

But he didn't only worked as a helper in his club, also in other clubs from the neighbourhood.

By the training with "Rambo" he became acquainted with Edgar Scherkl, and strengthened by those won new realizations he developed to a good helper, and became an in demand helper for "cases of problem", particularly with older dogs.

It followed the employment for government-, state- and federation championships, where the handlers took back their dogs, when they heard that Armin was the helper. Fact however was that dogs interspersed themselves with him, with all other helpers had no problems and showed good work.

In 1994 Armin was asked if he's fancy to do the protection work on the DMC-Championat as helper. Of course he had. This event, which was to be seen more and more in the last years always, he wanted to feel on the tooth. Heiner Bruns , the breeder of the kennel "... von der Wautz" possessed 1985 or ' 86 first of these dogs in our area. 1989 Armin met Volker Riedel and his "Kolos des Deux Pottois" at the dHV Nationals. Later they emerged by Edgar in Repelen and then everywhere. At first they were still hated as "mode feature", "straw fires", etc., then as "mark foxes", "yellow potatoe stable", etc. Honestly Armin don't liked them too. They couldn't afford much sympathy from him. But with the DMC-Championat in 1994 he got a completely new aspect over this dog race.

It surprised him, how well the dogs exerted themselves, not only in the defence work. Two dogs could not exist in C, which was to due however to incor-rect state of training and less to the quality of the dogs. Low scores or "unusual" work of the helpers led at that time to no displeasure expressions. These results were stop also under adverse circumstances hard and honestly fought for, and one was certain itself that one could also reach these points with other competitions.

In next time Armin couldn't do any helper-work on higher competitions, because he started there himself with "Clip", but on different ZTP's and Körungen of the DMC he was allowed to do the work with the judges.

In 2000 Armin was invited by the Netherlands federation to do the helperwork at the Dutch Championship of the Belgian shepherd dogs (NVBH NK IPO).
One of the participating dogs was also a Groendael.
"Dewi van Fort Oranje", an impressing, crude dog with much force.

In the year 2001 he was allowed to do the helper work again at the DMC-Championat.

And also again in the year 2003

Armin was very pleased over nominating as helper for the VDH Nationals 2003 (FCI WC Qualification) in Leutenbach, which was aligned by the DMC

At tropical temperatures (39° C), by dogs and helpers everything was demanded..

Here the elite of the individual working-dogs meets would connect, in order to determine the crew for the FCI WC.

Only the direct comparison of all races together in a fair competiotion can put the best working-dog out.

At the beginning of 2005 Armin received the invitation from the Danish federation for Belgian shepherd dogs to do the helper at the Danish championship on 02.+03 April. With the plane it goes to Copenhagen and he could look at myself on Saturday the tracking of the dogs. Although the reached scores did not fail so highly, Armin was pleasantly surprised by the friendly atmosphere.

This meeting was at the same time a qualification to the FMBB - WC 2005, which took place of 26. - 29. may 2005 in Aue (Germany).

Also here the DMC brought the confidence to Armin to be active as a helper in the 2nd part on the most important competition for Belgian shepherd dogs

Here in the concrete boiler of the Erzgebirgsstadion Aue the "heat battle" of the VDH Nationals last year was almost excelled.

Until 2010 Armin worked as helper on the Körung of the DMC


here on the pictures in Halle (Saale) or in Porta Westfalica.

Until today Armin is still a sought helper and accompanied other dogs in training.