result and description of eye (PHTVL/PHPV) examination 2013

Macho vom Hellerwald IPO 3, ZTP V 1A, VDH Champ.

Due to the extremely positive experience with our Index, we decided us for this dog and we did not regret it until today.


On the one hand you can't have luck twice again and get such a great dog like his brother Index again.

On the other hand, we are convinced absolutely about the combination of these bloodlines from this kennel.

What could be more natural than to choose here?

When Macho was a puppy, he was very rude and disrespectful. He showed a very dominant behavior towards people and other dogs, which it was to steer in the right direction.
His name was program and this dog needed an experienced handler.

His character and his behavior was different than that of his brother Index. Due to the sensitive leadership of Judith Macho had developed to a cuddler. Sometimes his facial expressions could soften hearts. But this could immediately change into a very violent behavior. Macho was certainly not a dog for beginners. Inconsistency he would probably want to take advantage and immediately set himselve to a domestic tyrant.

At home Index and Macho were acting like two brothers. Sometimes they laid down peacefully together or hedged some stupidities. Another time they squabbled that you have to go between them. Then again vying jealously for affection and want to be cuddled.
In short: They constantly kept us on.

On 14.june 2014 Macho has passed his ZTP (breeding suitability test) of the Dobermannverein with the value judgment EXCELLENT 1A. Breeding judge was the main judge inspector of the Dobermannverein, Mr. Norbert Daube.

breeding suitability

With the minimum of 5 shows Macho had reached in a period of 14 months all the requirements for the award of the title "German Champion (VDH)".

show results:



CAC Rheinlandsiegerschau


V 1

E. Deutscher



CAC Nat. RHA Kassel


V 1

H. Kliebenstein



CAC Kaunitz


V 1

T. Becht



CAC Stadland


V 1  CAC res.

N. Daube



CACIB Hannover


V 1  CAC res.

E. Deutscher



CACIB KC de Kempen

Ch Kl

V 1  CACIB res.

H. Assenmacher-Feyel

result and description of cardiac (DCM) examination
from 2015 and 2017

result of genetic DCM examination 2016
PDK 4 & DCM 2

As his brother Index, Macho was also DCM-free! Dr. Kresken from the animal hospital "Duisburg-Kaiserberg" has examined Macho on 04.23.2015 with color ultrasound and an 24h-ECG to DCM. His words were: "This imposing guy is top-healthy!"
Macho was examined again at the animal hospital "Duisburg-Kaiserberg" by Dr. Kresken with color ultrasound and an 24h-ECG to DCM. The examination report from 01.04.2017 shows that Macho is DCM-free.
Dr. Kresken said:
"The result is perfect!"
In 2016 Macho was also geneticly tested about PDK 4 and DCM 2: There he is also DCM-free.

At the beginning of December 2016, we found that Macho had breathing problems during his exertion, which manifested itself in wheezing and coughing. The vet then prescribed antibiotics. When the upcoming heart examination at beginning of January was with the best results, we were let perform a bronchoscopy. Also these showed no abnormalities and Macho was treated again with a special antibiotics. As then no clearly recognizable improvement took place, we decided in early February for a computed tomography. The shock was indescribable when we were told that Macho was suffering from cancer and that his life expectancy would be only a few weeks, because the left lung, kidney and spleen were affected.

At the end of February he suddenly showed marked pain symptoms. In the bloom of his live we had to let go our "lovely chaos-boy", our "eye-dog". He leaves a big gap and we miss him very much.