Champions are made, not born !

in late summer 2011

I can only support this statement. But not in the originally, intentioned sense, if I read the following lines.

What happened in the last time makes the expert of the scene only shudder. Just look at so many championships and on the placement list. Perhaps now you will knew, why it looks like at the end. If you investigate a little time and then ask around, you need only add up 1 + 1. Then it becomes evident why so many "top event" has a very bad aftertaste.

Many times you could already witnessing how unfair and unsporting this sport in specific associations has become. To my experience belongs also this kind of questions. And I my-self have been asked frequently: "What have you exactly done wrong?" or specifically men-tioned as other participants, because the useful to others as opposed to "extremely incom-prehensible" was. Many persons have the impression that someone no longer want that the best teams win the day.

Someone sometimes wonders why a trail or obedience is suddenly judged differently than is absolutely identical services, which have been considered even a few dogs before ex-actly. And that affects both the behaviour and the actual work performance. You see clearly body postures or running styles which are criticized at this handler but found no other men-tion at others on which you can see the same. Or it makes you wonder why some dogs suddenly didn't want / couldn't go out of the sleeve or there could only set a bad grip at this moment.

- Could it be that, for example, by announcement certain judges or helpers best conditions are created for certain
  participants and thus the winner will usually fixed in advance?
- Can there be one, that the authorities acting under the authority of certain persons?
- Are there some persons, who secretly agree, how something have to "run like that"?
- Is it possible that more and more, the same people are involved, "stringy" in the background and stick together?
- Exists already a network in which the favours are played to each other and the parties themselves - aware of
  their power - revel in it?
- Get one or the other "friend" and "cronies" have certain advantages that promise success guarantees?
- Is it really possible, that there is a manipulative intervention after announcement of the par-ticipants or directly
  during the competitions?

Has anyone ever wonder, why so many good judge or helpers are not nominated to higher competitions? Or why exactly between authorities and winners exist a very "special rela-tionship"? Of course that can't always be avoided, but are affected now even world champi-onships and the qualification competitions? Some people talk openly about the fact that this behaviour in 2011 and recent previous years, most clearly noticed.
(Evil tongues say: Only on the last FCI-WC it didn't work, because an official didn't agree with it. Then he was quickly unloaded for the next "big event".)

Imagine only once - purely hypothetically of course, on the judge is taken effects to his assessments. Either in advance or during the actual competition. There is the "poor man" and now wonders if he should follow the instructions. Put yourself in his position now: Be-cause he has made his judge-appearance and he may now - after many years of experi-ence - finally judge a big competition. He now stays with his original sentence, so that was the last championship, on which he may stay. As of now he is only assigned for club tests, and maybe here and there for a government championship. If he follows the instructions, then he may hope to be allowed to judge again someday (if he begs and crawl long enough). For now he is considered to be "malleable". And then again the game takes its course. Is that possible?
Naturally I know there are also a lot of judges, who are competently and operate the straight and can not be talked into their verdict. But there should also be others.

Every year relatively unknown handlers with very good trained dogs dive up and may even occupy a top position at championships. Why can't they hold this power after a success in subsequent years? Malicious people assume that these handlers in the following year get "a little" more attention, although an equivalent or better performance was delivered. The at-tentive and interested reader may indeed compare the championships of the last years and decide for himself if he will find some handlers which are (not more) "desirable". Whether he noticed something there?

What's going on in some minds, when the protagonists in the morning look in the mirror and grinned gleefully enjoying their ill-gotten or achievements of the successful wirepulling? What is "murder lust" creep up a cheated and frustrated participant when he sees how such a winner shakes thankfully the hands of his stirrup holder?

If only some of these assumptions are correct, someone can easily calculate the impact of this politically motivated show on the placement list.

The same should be done even on breeding tests of individual associations. Hard to believe that there also exist a "nepotism". But so many involved persons or attentive audience just got this idea when the assessments will be announced. Will the assessment be affect as to belong to a particular "Inner Circle" or about a special kennel name, or special parents of the dog, or what?

And if somebody talks about some of these thoughts and opinions behind closed doors, you will hear again and again the following sentence: "But that was previously also been like that." or "That there is in every sport in which people depend. Look at horse-riding-dressage or ice-skating to." And the opposite: "That's Right" - but not in such a massive form, as it's today."

Still others believe that everything is fair and you will have no chance against the profes-sional dog handlers/-trainers today. These are the ones who have abandoned their original profession and now occupy (almost) exclusively with the dog training, seminars and per-sonal training services. A kind of guerrilla war is raging between them, and only the one who is on the top is considered successful and thus can ensure his livelihood.

With this kind of assumptions and statements, anyone better covers himself in the back-ground, because otherwise expected to resentment on the part of the "authorities". In addi-tion, he is usually not so affected himself. And it's even better if it hits an opponent.
Or else you will be referred to an "idiot" that "nothing gets on the line," is "frustrated" and "everything is exaggerating."
Who knows the movie "Conspiracy Theory"?

What will happen, if the new IPO-regulations will come in 2012 and the judges have to put (correctly) increased attention on expectations and positive, full driving behaviour?
A dog which works nervous can also be referred to a "drivefully and dominant" dog. The other way is the dog which works dull. He can be titled as "routine and sure". Really great are also such limited viewing angles, who see only a specific breed as working dogs. Even poor performances are judged in some places better than the operating balance and full proper performance from dogs of other races.
What are the implications of the interpretation of facial expressions and body language of the dog during the performances? How does they working on the points? There is also an-other point on which someone can set another lever, because it's necessary that the judge has also to look on physical helps. After that he has to ensure, if they were given intention-ally or unintentionally. About this he will decide about the predicate and the points. Also in the protection work the grips and adjustment phases will have a greater impact on the scores. Does this give him a greater scope for manipulation? Is there not a danger that a lot of assessments can still be unjust?
Particularly outrageous will be the fact that even the most experienced, seasoned manag-ers and judges suddenly turn around like a flag in the wind and are today fully compliant "with the views of a new Messiah". Perhaps because they are controlled a little bit in the background?

If there is a bit of truth in this lines in conclusion I have to ask myself about the following considerations:
I trust myself to look for a very good dog of a good breed and to train him well above aver-age. Against what "contingencies" must I prepare him and how often must I lick somebody's ass if I want to handle on the top?

Under these circumstances, someone could pass the desire to train a dog yourself, prepare him for higher competitions and compete with him in those clubs where these affairs are present.

Well, there are very many examples of former successful handlers who have now realized that it is hopeless to fight against windmills. Pity about that potential, because in order to spare their nerves, they are training their dogs nowadays only "just for fun". Because there will always be people who have after years of trying finally reached certain key positions. They see their purpose in life to exploit this power now for their advantage. Although some people happen to be in earlier times, even once similar, and they are rightly upset mighty have, can not remember well. Especially bad! Critics and competitors will be vacated with all methods. Others just pack it cleverly enough, and the unsuspecting masses cheering for them. It doesn't matter if somebody gave up and get off. Finally there are a lot of Unsus-pecting, who want to come up. They will be for certain purposes misused or also switched off.

supplement                                                                       in spring 2013

Now has a singel person - that convinced the ignorant or disinterested again - created another manipulation basis. It's official:The exercise have flowrating the confidence and the willingness to work of the dog to 11% influence on the predicate award. This means typically more than a score. What at first sounds good and the modern dogtraining is just proving to be with critical thinking as a great way to talk a good performance badly. As mentioned above, now a focus is placed on any calming signals during the demonstrations. We are curious to see how the one or the other in the short-term application of the dog's ears at different signals is interpreted. Or sitting in front of the handler, lift the paw and licking his nose. He appeased, or has a high level of expectation on a possible release of feed? In the track the dog lays down correctly at the objekt and start to pant, then he shows signs of stress, or could it mean that he is up for re-approach just resting?Are these really Calmingsignal?

As a judje candidate it's no longer an advantage that you have trained dogs. A study of the behavioral sciences would be more beneficial, the affinity for mathematics is compulsory and rhetorical skill nowadays may be more useful if you have to bring the audience to lose the view of the things.

As though someone recently said, "It would be easier to distribute red, green and blue caps for the handlers, so that the  public at major events directly know who is assessed and discussed as friend, enemy,or neutral."