chronology of trained dogs

Here is a short overview of some dogs of our career as handler.

They are all dogs that Armin has trained with the listed trial-titles itself and/or have performed on trials. The main-pages are dedicated to the dogs, with which we could participate on national championships.

Armin also spent many years in addition to various volunteer activities, clubs and associations. He also held the post of a training instructor and protection helper.

Condor vom Detzkamp (Box)            VB,  FH

Armin's first own dog.
In the age of 15 years Armin started with this dog the training in a DVG-club.
Thus this dog itself was not so good in defence work, Armin did the, for that time (1980) exotic VB examination (Verkehrssichere Begleithund Prüfung), and later (1982) the FH examination.

Narro von der Michaelswiese  (GSD)            SchH 1 -  3

This dog was from Armin's girlfriend, but she couldn't prctice him. In 1983 the dog was two years old, partly very stubborn and let themselves also badly be motivated. Training by using some toys, reward by food or excessive praising was not at all announced at that time as well as. Even if already admits these things in the dog sport were known, their using in training were suppressed with the words: "That is nothing, because you may not do that in the examination also."
Thus this dog learned his exercises by constant repetition and experienced peace, if it implemented it correctly and to the satisfaction of the handler.

Promptly he missed the first SchH 1-Prfg in the obedience. Unsatisfactory apport was the reason. After that Armin owned him. With this dog Armin learned the first regularity: Consequence, in two different regard: First of all he insisted on the apport, by affecting the dog psychologically, and secondly he praised him extensively and confirmed him with a toy, if he made the apport at all.
But this was against the advices of the old training instructor. But it works, thus they could successfully do the SchH 1, 2 and 3 within the year 1984.

Ricky vom Osteranger (GSD)            SchH 3, IPO 3

Asti vom Jachthafen  (GSD)           SchH 3

She was the female dog of Armin's girlfriend at this time. When she missed the SchH 3, Armin had trained with the dog in 1987 for a few months. Then they made 2 times the examination with 284 pts.

Tasco  (reg. GSD)                  SchH 1

At the age of 12 months Armin do the BH examination in 1991, and a half year later the SchH 1.
But his character and drive does not reach his expectation, so he left to a young handler.

Endie von der Schafbachmühle (GSD)    SchH 3

A breeder friend had bought the dog, he couldn't perform because of lack of time. She had taken six months ago the SchH 2.
In 1991 Armin trained 8 times with her and then put the SchH 3 (with 97 p. in protection) on her.

Gracy von Posejdon   (GSD)            SchH 3, IPO 3, FH

She was a daughter of Endie and was an extremely well assessed dog in all departments, had an enormous play drive, paired with the pertinent courage. Today you are missing at a lot of dogs her "joy to work".
With her Armin did the examinations FH 1, SchH 3 and IPO 3 (with in each case 290 pts.) from 1993 until 1996. However Armin worked to hard and strong with her, so that he blocked her (and him) the way to higher competitions.

Therefore Armin looked at that time for a second dog. And so he trained in 1995 a male GSD to SchH 1. But a still so intensive search for a male GSD, which corresponded to Armin's requirements regarding impulse, nature and hardness, remained unsuccessful. Either they all were too softly, driveless or however for him priceless.

Clip vom Roten Falken   (Mal)           SchH 3, IPO 3, FH 1, FH 2

Slobo (Groendaeler-Mali-Mix)     BH, IPO 1

Between Clip and T-Rex Armin had to do a break for 3 years, because of a professional further training at a university.
He trained other young dogs and this nearly 7 years old X-Malinois-Groendael female to IPO 1.
Here before all kinds of dog handlers tried without success ("This dog will never pass an examination.") Armin had done it with her in 2000 with (97 – 84 – 87).

Daneskjold T-Rex   (Mal)             VPG 3, IPO 3, FH 1, FH 2

Emil vom Hatzbachtal (GS)       BH,

When the training with T-Rex was stable, Armin trained in 2004 a Giant Schnauzer from a club member and compete with him BH examination.

Daneskjold Goyar   (Mal)             VPG 3, IPO 3

Basko vom Fachenfelde   (Dob)         VPG 3, IPO 3

Ayla vom Sonnecksee   (Dob)         VPG 3, IPO 3

Index vom Hellerwald   (Dob)         IPO 3, FH 2

Macho vom Hellerwald   (Dob)         IPO 3

Royal Rolex van de Donauhoeve   (Dob)         IGP 1

In addition Armin have had built up and promoted countless dogs in A, B and C, so that they could win state championships and successfully participate on federal and world championships. Very sad that 9 out of 10 handlers always forget this when the success is possible. Many of them wouldn't appear without this help in any result lists, but are still convinced that they have done everything themselves. This one needs only to take a look, what they have reached since this "cooperation" or a successor dog and led to championships.

Armin's experience also includes interventions of "honorary dignitaries" or banded "Assistants" in preparation for a competition or directly at a competition. Many participants and spectators don't know which threads are drawn in the background. Do they know which influence those politically motivated power-demonstration have on the ranking? And in such a massive scale, as they has happened in recent times, a lot of people speak openly of "cronyism" and manipulation.

Also he have experienced several times how jealous the "love sports friends" and even "club members" are.
One factor, that has influenced him in recent years as well. How devious and dishonest some people are, he had to suffer in the recent past.
Well, as the saying goes: "compassion is given, but you have to earn the envy."